Cemetery Pricing

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Cemetery Burial Report

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Plot Requirements

Alpine City does not currently sell burial plots to nonresidents. Due to a limited number of burial spaces, Alpine City will sell burial plots only to Alpine City residents and only if they have an immediate need (death in the family).

Hours of Operation

The Alpine City Cemetery closes at 9 pm each evening. Please do not enter the cemetery after this hour. The cemetery will reopen at dawn the next morning.

  1. Cemetery Policies

Headstone Policy

There are several sections that allow upright headstones. Please contact the cemetery sexton for more information.

Decoration Policy

  • Between April 1 and October 31, floral pieces, decorations, and displays left on any grave must be removed every Thursday by cemetery closing and may be returned on Saturday morning to facilitate mowing (except after interment and Memorial Day in which said items must be removed before the 2nd Thursday after these events).
  • Those items not removed by Thursday at closing will be permanently removed by the cemetery superintendent.

Flowers and similar decoration should be placed in an approved container. Glass ornaments, vases, jars, etc. are prohibited and should not be used to decorate any grave site. No rocks, bark, chips, statues, birdbaths, benches, etc. shall be permitted on grave sites and will be removed and disposed of without prior notice. Shepherds hooks and wire and wire trellises are prohibited from April 1 to October 31.

Additional Policies

  • Only licensed vehicles are allowed to operate within the cemetery. The speed limit is 10 miles per hour. Please drive and park all vehicles on a roadway open for vehicular traffic.
  • No animals are allowed to be in the cemetery at any time unless they are kept contained in an enclosed motor vehicle at all times.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to be in the cemetery unless accompanied by an adult.

On February 23, 2016 the Alpine City Council approved the following items as related to the Alpine Cemetery:

  • To place a moratorium on the sale of plots in the Alpine Cemetery. The only exception is if there is a death in the family of an Alpine resident. In that case the family will be allowed to purchase up to three plots. Alpine has a little over one hundred (100) plots left in the Cemetery. The City is averaging sales of between sixty (60) to seventy (70) plots a year, after taking into account plot buy backs. If this rate of sales continues the City will run out of Cemetery plots in a short while.
  • To enforce a strict interpretation on fees related to operations at the Cemetery. To get the Alpine City resident fee rate the person who has passed away must have been an actual resident of Alpine at the time of passing.
  • To initiate an aggressive buy back program of previously purchased plots. If you would like to sell back your plots or know of anyone who has plots that they do not need, please contact the City. The City will buy back your plots at $985 a plot.