Many historical museums can be found in Alpine. Tours are available at all locations listed below. Call the numbers listed for more information.

Moyle Park 

Museum tours available from April through September. Pavilion reservations are also available, see Parks & Recreation to reserve.

600 E 770 N 
Alpine, UT 84004
Phone: 801-756-1194

Relic Hall

Museum tours are done by appointment only

50 North Main Street
Alpine, UT 84004

Contact Linda Hardman - 801-310-2804 to schedule

Crandall Printing Museum

The Crandall Printing Museum offers several different tours, each one highlighting a different historic printing. Like the printers of old who innovated solutions, we seek to inspire others to do the same with the problems they see in the world through visiting our museum.

65 West Main Street Ct
Alpine, UT 84004
Phone: 801-500-3099
Website: Crandall Printing Museum